Kate Kennedy

Miss Kate Kennedy

Literacy Coordinator
Year 4 Teacher

Personal message: I believe in empowering students to become independent, confident and resilient learners who have high expectations of themselves and each other. Students who take risks in their learning and persevere when struggling with a concept or idea. I believe in igniting a love for God and nurturing their faith within our Catholic school community. I believe in inspiring our students to remain lifelong learners, open to the vast opportunities that our ever changing world provides them now and into the future.

Statement of areas of responsibility: I am responsible for ensuring the successful implementation of the English syllabus across all grades. I work with as well as support teachers and other members of staff to help build their own capacity and professional experience across Speaking and Listening, Reading and Responding and Writing and Representing.

Bachelor of Education (Primary) – Australian Catholic University
Master of Arts (Theological Studies) – University of Notre Dame
Mathematical Expertise and Excellence – Sydney Catholic Schools
Gifted Education Online Course 1 – Sydney Catholic Schools